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    1. Plastic Bag Making Machine Jianda Machinery Company is a professional plastic bag making machine manufacture in China. We produce primarily two kinds of plastic bag making machines...
    1. Cup Lid Forming Machine JDBGJ-350 automatic cup lid forming machine works with PS/PVC/PET sheet roll, the finished product is cup lid/cover or tray.
    1. Plastic Cup Stacking Machine In combination-use with JD-660B plastic cup thermoforming machines, our plastic cup stacking machine can have a higher production speed and can also help save a lot of labor force.
    1. Mixer JDM-1000 series mixer is used to mix or blend different materials during plastic cup production process. Our mixers are designed based on advanced technologies. We can make mixers as per customer's demands.
    1. Drink Straw Making Machine A drink straw making machine is a unit of professional equipment to produce a variety of small diameter plastic pipes, like drinking straws, sprinkler pipes, cotton sticks, candy sticks...
    1. Single Layer / Multilayer Die Head (for Blow Film Line) Uses abroad advanced technology, and spiral structure. Die head can be used interchangeably, and designed according to the customer requirements or original equipment.
    1. Double Layer Film Extruder Our 1000mm double layer film extruder is applicable for producing LDPE or LLDPE stretch film for builidng materials and hardware parts packaging.
    1. Other Plastic Machine JDSL-90 slit film making machine is primarily used for making PP plastic products. It offers a good solution for producing slit films which are regularly used for binding objects and making into ropes, etc.

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