1. Extrusion system
      1. Extrusion coating system
      2. Cast stretch film system
      3. Air bubble film system
      4. Blown film system
    1. Application
      1. Food packaging
      2. Flexible packaging
      3. Pharmaceuticals
      4. Office packaging
      5. Industrial packaging
      6. Stationery & printing
    1. Customers
      1. India
      2. Chile
      3. Spain
      4. Pakistan
      5. More Moment
About us
Established in 1983

Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a plastic-processing machinery manufacturer in China, primarily engaged in the developing and manufacturing of air bubble film extrusion machine, stretch film extrusion machine, plastic thermoforming machine, lamination extrusion machine, drinking straw making machine as well as blown film extrusion machine etc.