About Us

Jianda Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a plastic-processing machinery manufacturer in China, primarily engaged in the development and manufacturing of stretch film extruders, air bubble film extruders, plastic cup/tray thermoforming production line, blown film extruders & bag making machines, lamination extrusion machines and drinking straw making machines and so on. Since our beginning in 1983, we have made great efforts to meet our customers' demands, with the goal of providing the highest quality, most competitively priced products and the best service. >> More

    1. Stretch Film Extruder
    2. Jianda Machinery Company is a primary film extruder manufacturer in China and we mainly produce plastic film extruders. For example, our film extruders can be used for producing non-stretch and nondirective cast film. Single-layer and double-layer stretch film co-extruders are both available at Jianda Machinery Company.

    1. Air Bubble Film Machine
    2. Jianda Machinery Company is a professional air bubble film machine manufacture in China. In order to meet the market supply, we also provide other plastic processing machines, such as PE blow film machines, plastic bag making machines, microcomputer garbage bag making machines and so on.

    1. Plastic Sheet Extruder
    2. Designed based on national and international advanced technologies, our plastic sheet extruder integrated the functions of PP extruders, PE extruders and PS extruding machines. As a result, our plastic sheet extruder can be used for producing various plastic sheets, like PP, PE and PS sheets.

    1. Casting Plastic Sheet Extruder
    2. This casting plastic sheet extrusion line is composed with an extruder, a calender, a winder, as well as an electric control cabinet. Nitrogen treated alloy steel (38CRMOALA) is adopted to make screws and cylinders to ensure perfect hardness, anti-corrosion and long lifetime, etc.

    1. Plastic Cup and Tray Thermoforming Machine
    2. Our microcomputer controlled plastic cup and tray thermoforming machine features either fully automatic or semi-automatic operation.This thermoforming machine has such advantages as wide applications, stable performance, easy operation, high rate of qualified products and low noisy.

    1. Drinking Straw Making Machine
    2. JDSM series drink straw making machine can be used for making drinking straws, ice cream sticks, and candy sticks as well. It is also appropriate to produce sprinkler pipes, cotton sticks, tooth sticks, toy pipes, industrial cast pipes, dropping tubes and other small diameter pipes made from PP material.